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  • "It is a gentle chimera, a fantastic creature. Its body, which is made of plush, is human, and its head, also made of plush, is animal, while its sexual organ sets it apart from other cuddly toys. It is a sculpture called Pelomorphe, from the Provencal word pilou (soft fabric) and the Greek morphos (form). It is a sculpture, and it is your friend. Nicolas Julliard created his first version of it in 2002, drawing on a personal mythology. The Pelomorphe is about softness, female tenderness, and frees sculpture from the male martial tradition, from bronze and marble. The Pelomorphe is your friend and it needs you. It tries to sculpt an emotion within you, deep and authentic. It acts like a catalysis, and yet it is also a toy."
    Annabelle Gugnon (art critic & psychanalyst) pour le Centre culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris 2010

    Photo : © Rodolphe Escher / panOramas 2012, design : Nicolas Julliard, © Nicolas Julliard